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Meet the Teams

This page provides the contact information for the individual team members. To learn more about the teams, please see the About CIO page. For the primary contact methods, please visit the Contact Us page.

Leadership Team

Greg Zickau Chief Information Officer
Erin Seaman Administrative Assistant

(208) 332-1875
(208) 332-1876


Enterprise Network and Hosting Team

Jon Pope Chief of Operations
Abram Thietten Webmaster

Sherree Merritt Database Analyst
Karl Gautschi Sr. IT Systems Integration Analyst
Cheryl Dearborn Sr. IT Network Analyst
Chris Smith Sr. IT Systems Integration Analyst
Janet Rogers Technical Records Specialist
Sam Dougherty Sr. IT Network Analyst
Tom Nordberg Sr. IT Network Analyst
Wade Douglass IT Network Analyst

(208) 332-1858
(208) 332-1855

(208) 332-1864
(208) 332-1804
(208) 332-1845
(208) 332-1803
(208) 332-1843
(208) 332-1847
(208) 332-1854
(208) 332-1846


Enterprise Security Team

Lance Wyatt Acting Chief Information Security Officer

(208) 332-1880


Enterprise Security Operations Team

Bryton Blunck Sr. IT Systems Security Analyst
Mike Mead Sr. IT Systems Security Analyst

(208) 332-1802
(208) 332-1852


Consolidated Support Services Team

Tammy Wallace IT Systems Integration Analyst, Sr.
Duane Gaerte Help Desk Technician
Lawrence Wilson Help Desk Technician
Nick Schrier Sr. IS Technician
Scot Maring Project Coordinator

(208) 332-1806
(208) 332-1807
(208) 332-1809
(208) 332-1874
(208) 332-1841


Idaho Geospatial Office Team

Bill Farnsworth Geospatial Information Officer
Bob Smith GIS Analyst

(208) 332-1878
(208) 332-1867